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MP3 Library Player 2.3

Organize, tag, play, list and catalogue music files for free
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MP3 Library Player gathers all music files from the computer and organizes it in one single library for easy managing and finding. Any music files can be added: from MP3s to converted iTunes files. Users can sort, catalogue, convert to other formats, mix, record and equalize in groups or individually their music files.
The program has a simple interface with the tools on top plus two panes: one is the library and the other displays the playlists. You can choose whether to add music files manually or let the program perform automatic search and updates (similarly to iTunes). All music files are stored internally in the database, so the users are able to find and sort their music quickly.
MP3 Library Player enables users to create custom playlists, edit single or multiple MP3 header tags and filenames, find the lyrics, obtain art covers and more; you can do it manually or use the Internet.
There are multiple equalizer presets, and each one can be customized and applied individually to a file. Also users will find 250 music visualizations and such features as list printing, beats analyzer, and what is most important, a converter.
With the converter users can equalize and convert files between different formats such as MP3 & WAV. Moreover, users will find an MP3 mixer and recorder, sound effects and a virtual piano & a drum kit.

Max Santillana
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  • Organizes music
  • Retrieves artist info from the web
  • Adds lyrics and art
  • Record audio
  • Mixes audio
  • Scans for music automatically
  • Plays music
  • Equalizes music
  • Free


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